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Egypt Headquarter

35 Al Gahez, Al Hadiqah Ad Dawleyah, Nasr City, Cairo Governorate 11765


KSA Headquarter

Prince Abdul Majeed bin Abdulaziz Rd.
ZIP Code 7807, Medinah 9323
Saudi Arabia


United Kingdom Headquarter

Nakheel Valley Limited
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden


We Are Offering A Rewarding Return That Achieves Safe And Stable Investment Along With Great Returns

Nakheel Valley will help you to build a solid & high-profit investment plan

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • What is the idea of the project?
  • The idea of the project is based on the partnership between Nakheel Valley and the investors, whereby finding investment in agriculture can be a difficult process, and the high cost and complexity associated with owning and managing farmland can act as a deterrent.


    Nakheel Valley offers a truly unique investment opportunity with inviting long-term returns by managing all agricultural processes from choosing quality land and locations, drilling wells, cultivation, maintenance, to marketing the product locally and internationally on behalf of the investor making it easier and safer to get rewarding returns.

  • How to invest with us?
  • You can reach How it works page to learn how to invest with us, Once you decided to invest with us we will start cultivating your land with date palm trees, When your assets reach maturity, the company collects and harvests production and then distribute revenues and profits.

  • Why invest in Nakheel Valley?
  • Advantages of investing with Nakheel Valley


    Supervision and follow-up
    We work collectively with our team of engineers, researchers, technicians, and professional workers to ensure the best results, quality, and cultivation process being executed as projected.


    Rewarding investment returns
    Our project provides a distinct investment return when compared to other areas of investment in Egypt currently, and provides a solution to the famous difficult equation (the element of safety with a rewarding investment return).


    A company driven by experience
    Date palm cultivation is our passion, and we are employing a team and resources with extensive experience to get the best and lasting outcomes of our project.


    Investment ending with ownership
    Different investment options are available to tackle needs and provide opportunities for those who are looking for great and stable returns for a term of 50 years ending with complete ownership.

  • How it works?
  • Three easy steps
    Your way to invest the future


    Determine what option best fits your investment portfolio and invest. All our options have been carefully selected and offer high return possibilities.


    We Cultivate
    You are safe with us, thanks to our experts who monitor and care for date palm trees from planting to production. Palm Oases provides all the necessary capabilities to ensure optimal cultivation using state-of-the-art techniques.


    When your assets reach maturity, the company collects and harvests production and then distribute revenues and profits. Investors also can receive their dates and off-shoots on site.

Trusted by investors across the MENA region

Nakheel Valley will help you to build a solid & high-profit investment plan

Download investor guide

“We feel that our investment is secure with Nakheel Valley. The idea is solid and promising in the long-run. Suits us very well.”

Ahmed Adel

“Nakheel Valley Investment project provides an excellent choice of great returns with the least risk to be taken. I get the feeling that Nakheel Valley is ahead of the game.”

Ahmed Hosny

“As an investor, I am constantly searching for solid investment opportunities and the ones presented by Nakheel Valley rise to the top.”

Rokaya Nabil

“Simple, reliable, scalable, and consistent - that’s the type of investment I look for and Nakheel Valley has it all. The business is promised to generate competitive returns for investors in the form of both cash and peace of mind.”

Abdullah Hussein

“I have a dozen different investments, and with the current situation of the pandemic, agri-business model of Nakheel Valley seems to be the optimum solution for a stable and safe investment.”

Khaled Ahmed